International Building Code  - Adds Photoluminescent Exit Path Markings






Effective January 1, 2009 - All New and Existing High Rise Buildings


The International Council of Code Officials adopted into the 2009 International Building Code, Section 1024, a requirement that all non-residential buildings, new and existing, over 75 feet in height must install Photoluminescent Exit Path Markings in all enclosed emergency stairwells.


Other code requirements are:

NFPA 101 and 5000 Section Exit Stair Path Markings All Buildings Effective January 2009

State of California Building Code, Chapter 10, Means of Egress requires in Group A, E, I, R-1, R-2 and R-3 Occupancies, in Exit corridors leading to Emergency Exit stairwells Effective January 2008

State of Connecticut requires in Group A, B, E, I-1, I-2, R-1 and R-2 occupancies, in Exit corridors leading to Emergency Exit stairwells Effective January 2008.

New York City Building Code Reference Standard RS 6-1 requires in all enclosed Emergency Exit stairwells Effective July 2008 All Non-Residential Structures.

General Services Administration requires Photoluminescent Exit Path Markings in all new and existing buildings Effective January 2009.


PL Exit Path Markings Supported By:


National Association of State Fire Marshals USA

Underwriters Laboratories Inc

NIST & The World Trade Centre  

Final reports of the Federal Building and Fire Investigation of the World Trade Center Disaster, NIST recommends that egress systems be designed with consistent layouts, standardized signage and guidance so that systems becomes intuitive and obvious to building occupants during evacuations.

                NiGHTBRiGHT~NiGHTSHiNE Photoluminescent Exit Signs and Systems

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             Photoluminescent Emergency Exit Signs & Markers

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NiGHTBRiGHT~NiGHTSHiNE Photoluminescent glow-in-the-dark guidance strips, pathway markers, and glow-in-the-dark exit signs provide illuminated, safe, non-electric routing for emergency exits and stairways in the event of power failures or to supplement electric or emergency lighting.

Photoluminescent markers provide the most reliable and economical emergency pathway illumination, and our brighter, longer-lasting exit signs and products for emergency egress offer you truly superior luminescence.


Emergency markers have earned UL Certification and meet or exceed UL Codes and other requirements for interior and exterior applications -- including the 2009 International Building Code.

NiGHTBRiGHT~NiGHTSHiNE markers are powered by high-performance Strontium Aluminate Photoluminescent material that shines longer and more intensely than standard phosphors. We encase this material in a matrix that enables our products to glow 30 times brighter than standard Photoluminescent products.


This is not fragile glow-in-the-dark tape. Our superior Photoluminescent material is embedded in rugged, weather-resistant aluminum-backed strips and signs that stand up to heavy use and direct UV light.

NiGHTBRiGHT~NiGHTSHiNE Photoluminescent products are warranted and provide highly visible emergency path illumination and signage that is non-electric, non-radioactive, non-toxic, durable, recyclable, long-lasting, maintenance-free, weather-resistant, and UV stable.

NiGHTBRiGHT~NiGHTSHiNE product line includes Exit Path Markers, Auxiliary Light Sources, Stair Tread Nosings, Aisle Markers, Hand Rail Markers, and Exit Signs.


These Photoluminescent products can be used in combination to provide a complete visible routing system for safe emergency egress.


They recharge from ambient light -- whether daylight or fluorescent or incandescent interior lighting -- and glow reliably for over 24 hours, showing the route to safe exit pathways.


Photoluminescent Emergency Exit Path Markings & Exit Signs

Provide bright emergency lighting during a power loss.
   Suitable for stair nosings, path and hallway use, handrails, doors, obstructions,   and entryway or exit markers
Require no battery backup
Ozone safe, PVC free, Zero VOC's
Made from recycled products
Can be recycled with no land fill disposal costs
Energy-free lighting
Zero operating costs
Charged by ambient light
Completely non-toxic and non-radioactive


Stair Nosings

Aesthetically pleasing
Single and two-component systems
Can be installed during or after construction
Allow for easy tread replacement
Available in aluminum, cast iron, abrasive, retrofit, and bronze
Available as screw-secured or drive-fit systems
LEED point qualified
Non-electric, energy-efficient, ambient-light charged safety path lighting
Perfect for interior or exterior installation
Constructed of recycled content and easily recycled
Ozone-friendly, non-toxic, non-radioactive, no VOC's


Photoluminescent Exit Path Marking Systems


NiGHTBRiGHT~NiGHTSHiNE high-powered, non-electric Photoluminescent emergency exit path markings and emergency exit signs provide safe, illuminated routing for stairways and exits whenever there's a need for emergency egress and wherever supplementation of electric or emergency lighting is desired or required by code.

Photoluminescent guidance strips and exit signs are powered by Strontium Aluminate material that recharges in ambient light, glows longer and over 30 times brighter than standard Photoluminescent.


NiGHTBRiGHT~NiGHTSHiNE strips are also non-toxic, non-radioactive, and PVC-and VOC-free. They improve safety, reduce liability, can be recycled, and qualify for LEED points.

In the 2009 International Building Code, Section 1024, the International Council of Code Officials adopted a requirement that all non-residential buildings, new and existing, over 75 feet in height must install Photoluminescent Emergency Exit Systems in all enclosed emergency stairwells.


NiGHTBRiGHT~NiGHTSHiNE durable, efficient products are the ideal choice for meeting this and other national and local code requirements.


Steptread and Stairnosing examples;




NS2140 NS4040 & 4199 NS315
NS405 NS330 NS607



Nightshine - NS2140




High PL Brightness
Long After Glow
Arenas & Theaters
Exceeds PL Codes
NYC Approved
Slip Retardant


Nightshine - ST4199




Emergency Egress
Exceeds PL Codes
NYC Approved
Slip Retardant


Site Installations

Fisher Brothers Exit Stairwell


Lights ON



Lights Off


MGM Grand Garden Arena





Lights On



Lights Off


Qwest Field Seattle Washington




San Antonio Riverwalk



Night time


Hand Rail




High PL Brightness

NYC Approved

Exceeds PL Codes

Easy to Install

Nightshine - HR4010



Aisle Markers


Maintenance Free
Anti- graffiti surface
Easy Installation
Glows Brightly, Distinctly
Fits any carpet or finished surface


Turner Civic Center




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