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Sep 21, 2010 11:00

John Wayne Airport Turns to Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Photoluminescent Technology to Increase Traveler Safety

SANTA ANA, CA (Marketwire - September 21, 2010) - As part of its overall commitment to efficiency, John Wayne Airport, Southern California's second busiest airport, recently implemented Photoluminescent (PL) technology to provide safety and to be more energy efficient.

John Wayne Airport is using PL exit signs and new PL illumination products to: (1) provide emergency exit markings throughout the 448,000 square-foot terminal building (Terminals A and B); (2) illuminate all 14 passenger loading bridges in case of a power outage; and (3) update exit signage within the Airport's two administrative office buildings.

Serving between 20,000 - 30,000 passengers daily, John Wayne Airport is the first commercial airport to utilize PL technology to provide emergency illumination for passenger loading bridges that is non-electronic nor battery nor generator-powered.

This PL system provides cost savings by replacing other forms of backup power such as emergency generators or battery packs that require regular maintenance and testing. These Photoluminescent rods, when placed inside overhead light fixtures provide hours of glowing light that would be critical in an emergency. These recyclable, energy efficient PL products are made with non-toxic compounds.

Photoluminescent (PL) exit signs and egress marking systems have been installed in large office buildings and other facilities around the U.S., replacing outdated technology for emergency signage.

Photoluminescent technology has advanced considerably since the novelty items produced years ago. Today's Photoluminescent products utilize pigments based on strontium oxide aluminate that offers 10 times the glow capabilities of the zinc sulfide-based products used before. Photoluminescent pigments possess the unique capacity to absorb and store energy from ambient light like a naturally occurring battery. In darkness, the pigments instantly emit a luminous glow by releasing the stored light energy.

"The safety of John Wayne Airport's passengers, employees, and tenants is our highest priority," said Airport Safety Officer Mark Walker. "Photoluminescent technology helps us ensure we maintain a safe environment in case of emergency, and allows us to do so in a cost-effective and energy-efficient manner."

About John Wayne Airport

John Wayne Airport (SNA) is a self-supporting enterprise owned and operated by the County of Orange and serves approximately nine million passengers annually. The Airport is served by 10 commercial passenger airlines serving 20 non-stop destinations in the United States and Canada. More information can be found at

Our Partners

Our partners who incorporate a group of widely recognized and respected industry leaders in the field of Photoluminescent technology with  years of research, development and manufacturing lead the company to develop and commercialize significant advances in Photoluminescent technology. The Group develops high-value customer applications that can provide a level of safety that may mean the difference between life and death.

Our partners are a research and manufacturing group that specializes in ways to infuse photoluminescence – glow-in-the-dark compounds – into products and fabrics, not merely making lighted items that stick on top of other products or that reflect light.

Whether you want a ladder that you can find in the garage at night, firefighting tools that can be seen through thick smoke or decorative tiles that light up in the dark without batteries, they're available. Its basic bread-and-butter product is exit signs. To appreciate how all these products differ from competing products, simply turn out the lights!

Our partners are introducing new glow-in-the-dark safety equipment that could benefit firefighters internationally.

Our partners have been collaborating with firefighters on a range of projects, which include glow-in-the-dark handles for axes and hand tools, caps for emergency breathing hoses, striping for fire suits and other items that will help lead firefighters to safety.

In a fire environment, safety equipment can limit some senses wile others become hypersensitive and in the darkness of a fire environment, gear and suits equipped with glow-in-the-dark technology makes it easier for firefighters to see each other and to find equipment that has been put down.

What do you want to glow in the dark?

Whether you want a ladder that you can find in the garage at night, firefighting tools that can be seen through thick smoke or white walls that light up in the dark without batteries, we have the technology to make them including firefighters with glow fabric, tools and air tanks!

Many consumers are familiar with glow-in-the-dark toys or tape and the cyclists’ clothing that reflects headlights. But our group is a research and manufacturing firm that specializes in ways to infuse photoluminescence – glow in the dark compounds – into products and fabrics, not merely sit on top or reflect light.

Our partners have spent many years on research and development of ways to make photoluminescence brighter, in a variety of colors other than green and to apply it to various products.

Applications might use powder coating (spray-on paint and bake it) on a ladder. Or put the glow material into liquid plastic and make objects through injection moulding.

Or put Photoluminescent compounds into fabric that is sewn on to firefighters’ jackets. Or use vinyl dip moulding to coat an air tank (like dipping an ice cream cone in liquid chocolate).

Our partners have a range of patents for making different colours and products but will keep other processes as trade secrets to prevent copying.

Most of our effort goes into manufacturing and R&D such as our current push is in the fire safety market. Fire officials recently allowed one of our team to walk into a training fire so he could experience the darkness, smoke and heat that firefighters experience.

During the experience our partners found a couple more hazards that we'd like to develop applications for, including the water hoses that can easily trip a firefighter who can’t see them.

We prefer the safety side because it can save people’s lives!

Our current attention is focused on exit signs. Many cities and 20 states in the USA and a growing number of countries around the world have passed or in the process of changing laws requiring buildings over 75 feet tall to have glow-in-the-dark exit signs that don’t require electricity or reflected light.

New York City passed a law after the 1993 terrorist attack (underground parking garage), evacuation took hours. Then when 9/11 happened people said two things got them out (of the World Trade Center): humanity and ‘that funny glowing green stuff we followed.

Our groups R&D has achieved a breakthrough in Photoluminescent technology, working with a 1000 micron size particle. Most of the PL industry only uses 30-50 micron size particles.

With this larger particle size pigment is combined we are able to offer dramatically more brightness and afterglow than anything on the market today. Working with product designers we are able to apply the exact amount and particle size of pigment to integrate photoluminescence to meet virtually any specification.



GloSurround - By Day GloSurround - Lights Off

Our partners now offer a range of bright colours that can be incorporated into plastics, powder coating and other materials.

Through a strategic partnership with one of our international partners we can now offer a range of materials with the combined properties of daytime colours and Photoluminescent afterglows. This new colour capability allows us to add Photoluminescent properties to your product without being limited to the same green colours that have traditionally been offered by the industry.

Our system is even able to do custom colour blending through a unique master-batch system which can then be integrated into your own molding process.

“Colour Technology is provided through an agreement with our international partners and is protected by a range of patents as well as other patents pending”



World leaders in "COLOURED" Photoluminescence