NiGHTSHiNE - Photoluminescent Safety Signs Catalogue

Visible Safety Signs Night and Day


Mult001-Warning / Mandatory

Mult002-All guards must

Mult003-Battery charging

Mult004-Dangerous gases

Mult005-Dangerous site

Mult006-Disaster area Keep out

Mult007-Do not start

Mult008-Do not switch on

Mult009-Electrocution risk

Mult010-Emergency Do not

Mult011-Fire action Any person

Mult012-Guard dogs on


Mult013-Hazard area

Mult014-Hazardous substances

Mult015-High voltage

Mult016-High voltage 2

Mult017-Highly flammable LPG

Mult018-If a fault occurs

Mult019-Isolate before

Mult020-Isolate supplies

Mult021-Keep away

Mult022-Keep clear

Mult023-Keep out

Mult024-Lift machinery


Mult025-Live electrical

Mult026-Men working on

Mult027-No smoking No eating

Mult028-No Smoking No lights

Mult029-Out of order


Mult031-Petroleum mixture

Mult032-Petroleum mixture 2

Mult033-Petroleum spirit

Mult034-Petroleum spirit 2

Mult035-Quarry workings

Mult036-Switch off before


Mult037-Test in progress

Mult038-The back of this

Mult039-This is a food

Mult040-Training area