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Welcome to the Nightbright~NiGHTSHiNE Australia Group Website.

The Nightbright~Nightshine Australia Group, based in Wollongong, NSW Australia, specializes in Photoluminescent Technology, Products and Systems.

Nightbright~Nightshine Australia through an affiliation with our 'International and Local Partners' makes us the largest supplier of the highest quality and most comprehensive range of Photoluminescent "Glow in the Dark" products on the market in the Southern Hemisphere!

Nightbright~Nightshine Australia is an innovative Cooperation and network of companies, dedicated to the Research, Development, Manufacturing and Marketing of High Performance Photoluminescent Safety Emergency Exit and Egress Pathway markings for;

  • Industrial,
  • Commercial and
  • Residential applications.  

Through a strong team, all experts within their respective fields, Nightbright~Nightshine is able to offer a vast range of services and quality products from;

  • Design,

  • Manufacturing,

  • Sales & Marketing,

  • Distribution,

  • Installation and "after sales servicing."


OUR GOAL is to 'specialize' in providing only the Best Photoluminescent Safety Products, Safety Egress Systems and components.



OUR CHARTER is to deliver only the Highest Quality Photoluminescent Safety Products, providing the "Brightest Photoluminescent Qualities" both in initial luminance and Long Afterglow properties whilst offering designs which guarantees strength, rigidity, durability and architectural harmony.



In a less serious manner, we also offer as part of the Nightbright~Nightshine portfolio, a comprehensive and quality range of Glow in the Dark Novelty and Promotional items and Customized Services. 

The scope and potential of Nightbright-Nightshine is unsurpassed; a vertically integrated structure which complements a manufacturing operation of vast product knowledge with Contracting Divisions that combined  boasts over 2 decades of  Photoluminescent experience and  knowledge.

Our Consultancy Division is committed to achieving the best solutions for your needs. 

Nightbright-Nightshine continues to strive towards providing excellence  in the knowledge of Photoluminescent Safety Products, their derivatives, their field application in the Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Building Construction sectors.


Nightbright-Nightshine has spent considerable time, effort and resources on Research & Development projects to further develop innovative Photoluminescent Safety Egress Systems, Fire Safety and protection technology on construction methodologies embracing Architecturally Sensitive Photoluminescent Safety products.


We believe that our Passive Photoluminescent Safety Egress Systems to be critical in aiding in  Fast and Efficient and above all Safe Emergency Egress.


Nightbright-Nightshine is growing by continuing to develop new products and reaching new markets, both domestically and  internationally.


Our Photoluminescent Marking Systems are being implemented worldwide by Fire Safety contractors and Photoluminescent Safety Egress Company operators. 


We are concentrating on increasing our penetration into the global  marketplace. One of the reasons for our success has been our commitment to utilize modern  technology through continuing product development.


Another reason is our  commitment to the highest possible quality and ongoing technical support whilst we continue to remain client focused and value any contributions or ideas on our varied customer needs.



Our Mission Statement:


The Nightbright-Nightshine mission is to create and maintain a reputation for excellence while increasing our  base of satisfied customers.


Our unified vision is dedicated to a process of continuous improvement in an atmosphere  of total  co-operation, teamwork and shared responsibility. 


The future of Nightbright-Nightshine as a high  quality, profitable group will be assured as we constantly communicate and work together to improve our image.


Our mission  will be achieved  when the Nightbright-Nightshine name and logo is recognised throughout the industry as being representative of  THE BEST QUALITY AND LIFE LONG SERVICE.





"Nightbright-Nightshine - IS YOUR BRIGHTEST CHOICE."



We realize we are here for the Safety of our Customers and that the Safety and Lives of our customers are in our hands. Therefore we have responded by developing our Highest Performance Photoluminescent products.


Our Quality Statement:


To provide a Durable, High Quality, Brighter Brilliance, and Longer After Glow Photoluminescent  Safety components for Pathway Finding, Safety Egress Systems and Safety products  which will provide our Customers an assurance of a more efficient and effective method of  Escape and Identification.

Public Buildings, Hospitals, Factories, Auditoriums, Theatres, Hotels, Motels, Underground Stations, Subways, Banks, Garages, Offices, Schools, Restaurants, Ships, Aircrafts, Buses, Trains, Warehouses, Power plants, Offshore Explorations, Space, Tunnels, Emergency Vehicles.

Nightbright-Nightshine is the leading supplier of only the Best Photoluminescent Crystals and Safety Products.

 "We look forward to supporting your needs"



Natural Disaster

Acts of Terrorism

Power Failures


Can happen at any time of the day or night, panic and fear can often grip us all. 

Even during Daylight hours people can still be caught in the Dark.

Large Buildings with internal offices even during the day can suffer 'blackout conditions.

Normal Daylight is unable to spread into through the core of the Building and when Power Failure occurs many people can be plunged and left stranded in total Darkness.

"Nightbright-Nightshine - IS YOUR BRIGHTEST CHOICE."

"Be Prepared with NiGHTBRiGHT-NiGHTSHiNE Photoluminescent Safety Systems"


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